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Gnomes Created by Fourth Graders

Gnomes Created by Fourth Graders

“A quiet evening of conversation on the riverfront screened-in porch with a glass of cider might fool you into thinking life is slow here, but a walk through the garden, a golf cart ride along the trails of the hill top property, Ellen’s jewelry studio and Rogier’s pottery and cabinet shops reveals much more. These highly skilled, award winning industrious, intelligent and cheerful people are eager to share their Faith, miracles, memories and reflections. Should you visit, you’ll come away with a full realization that your only regrets in life are things you put off and fail to do and not the things you accomplish. The Donker’s story is all about the fulfillment of dreams and they are an inspiration to anyone who visits and thus becomes a life-long friend.”   –George S. Eisele, former WTHI News Anchor.


Rogier is back working in the studio, building cabinets, and doing kiln repairs while Ellen is busy hunting,  “cleaning up messes” and making our immediate surroundings beautiful by sucking that green thumb of hers. Life’s good and getting better!

Somewhere it was asked:  “How do you guys find time to do all the things you do?” The answer is really quite simple: “We TAKE the time and let God worry about the bills!” That attitude worked before we lost our house to the Wabash River and got us through the “ordeal” of having to build a new house after the flood.

To all those who say: “Yeah, but…” I say “Just do it and take God at His word that He’d never leave you!

So sit back and enjoy – there’s lots to be read and more to be seen. On the order page(add link to shop page) you can purchase Rogier’s books, and on the Kiln Repair page you can check for used ceramic equipment, kilns for sale, and find out what to do about that broken kiln you or your school might have…

Of God, Faith, and Clay

The author of the following has been walking along with God ever since he was about twelve years of age.

In his biography “ Of Faith, Miracles, Memories and Reflections” he spelled out the multitude of blessings and favors he experienced up to that time. Nothing much has changed, except that there is more of the same in that his Faith is constantly growing and being molded by God’s omnipresence, as well as His omnipotence and omniscience.

The Christian life, the author remains convinced, is one in which one constantly seeks the Lord’s advice, constantly acknowledges God’s presence and one in which one prays “without cessation”. Having done pottery demonstrations for over forty years the author, in that time has developed a “story line” if you will, about being a potter and the similarities between the way God molds His Children and a potter molds a pot. Shared here in a concise and direct manner, backed up by Biblical quotes and their “addresses”, it is hoped that the following will touch the reader’s heart and confirm or reconfirm one’s Faith…

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