When it comes to feedback Rogier, like everyone, thrives on it! Should you be so inclined please share your thoughts about the web site or his services by sending him an E-mail. Both positive and negative comments are welcome although any of the latter variety have not yet been received!

February 2014

Hi, Rogier. I loved your story (incl. PPT) on the gnomes and faces. And your love towards pupils and students in their learning proces. Thanks for sharing. Yours, Frits.

October 2013

After the life-altering heart attack my “in”-box overflowed with supporting messages. All of them MUCH APPRECIATED!

…Miracles happen and you are clearly one of them!… GB

…AAwwhh yuck! That sucks!! Glad you were SAVED and will place you in my prayers…’re a good man, Rogier Donker……a very, good and giving man. God Bless you and your family… RF

I am sorry to hear about the heart attack.  Your letter, in a way, is a relief…as your words are clear and meaningful as always.  Take it easy and my heart is with you and your family at this time… MA

Rogier, I was so happy to hear the better part of the bad news on the Clay-art list.  You are a pillar of right and Christianity in a sea of despair.  We need you to tarry a bit and spread some more joy.  Our prayers are with you, glad it’s on the mend ! R.

May 2013

I love your new website!!! Kim in Houston

Your house looks magnificent but the really great part is that you and Ellen make is a warm loving home. Your hearts bear witness to your faith and offering always, to share in your gifts and insight/wisdom in all you do.  Not many walk this earth that can say that about their friends.  Now do not let your head swell but just open your heart and keep giving. I really have enjoyed your new website, Jackie has accomplished a good web design for you. Jan

January 2013

You were not hard on me at all! I would rather be informed and do it the correct way. I already started reading the book and is already very helpful. I will work on kiln washing the shelves and floor over the next week or so.
Good to know the corporation will foot the bill! Thanks again for responding so quickly and for giving me all this great info!
 Angie D.

July 2012

Love your new work. Thanks for the material on “Chartres Revisited.”. It looks great. Bond S.

Love the Chartres Panels! Pure Artistry! 🙂 Jim T.

I loved your wall decoration piece. Wow, lots of blood and sweat went into it!

 Stephanie S.

March 2012

  I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a few more times 🙂  Got the kiln controller running yesterday.  Just in time for this beautiful weather.  There was no way I could have let that box sit until Summer 🙂  It was so exciting when I heard it kick on, and saw the red light illuminate.  I literally squealed with excitement!…then breathed a giant sigh of relief that we didn’t make an early 4th of July hahaha.  Anyway, THANK YOU!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
                                                                                                                Sharon G.

February 2012

Mr. Donker! Love that in some pictures, you’re dressed in a shirt and tie… Professional!!!! It reminds me of some of the pictures of baseball games in the 40’s and 50’s, where men wore ties, jackets and hats to the baseball games.  Respect! Great site for teaching hints.

 M. L. New City, NY

December 2011

Hi Ellen! Your home reflects you and Rogier so perfectly. Every piece of wood, tile, and glass exudes your warmth and skill. It was an honor to have been there. Linda O.

November 2011

Re: website update: So much creativity is remarkable and well spent. Love your creations. E.B.

October 2011 

Hi Rogier! Glad to hear your house building adventure is over!  The pictures look great! Clay Middle is doing good so far this year with the kilns…no problems yet. I hope this email doesn’t jinx us! Gwen D’A.J

Howdy Rogier!
 I like your updated website! Your gnomes’ faces, especially their features and expressions are happy moments to admire. You share so much information on so many topics everyone can learn something. The new Donker home looks even better than the first. And looking at everything you and your family made and put together has what memories are made of to think about later with love – so very heartwarming.  The tidbits of construction tips will come in handy at some stage. Your Belief in ‘just doing the work’ and letting God take care of the rest with testimony of everyday miracles fuels my spirit.
Everything you make is done with the scripture adage of ‘whatever you do, do it as if doing it for the Lord’ (can’t remember where scriptures are though)…the best.Thanks for sharing. 

September 2011

Rogier, just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the job you did on our kiln’s. They are working great and we even got the maintenance people to turn the electrical plugs over. Thanks again and best Wishes. Mike, North Montgomery Comm. School Corp.

August 2011

Rogier!! You are the best!! I enjoyed so much talking with you during your rescue mission of our kiln last spring. The children and I appreciate your work soooooo much! Your home looks beautiful!! Warmest wishes!! Clyde G., New Palestine Elementary Art Education

May 2011

Rogier’s note: So I run all over the state repairing kilns. So I receive “thank you’s” galore, but none as glowing as the following one:

Hello Rogier, Good morning!  It’s Monday, May 09, 2011 already and I came to school this morning and opened my kiln…Ta Da the entire kiln full…second load so far just smiled and there it was perfectly “FIRED”!  Wow, at this late date in the year here we are still firing clay!  Thank you so much for making our kiln just as happy as a LARK!  We so appreciate the fact that you are the greatest when knowing what is wrong with a broken down kiln and that your skills as a problem solver are sharp as a tack!  We, my students and I, are extremely thankful that you came to our school and made “Ginger” well again.  We certainly have a lot of happy students at Hattie B. Stokes School who will cherish each and every piece of ceramics that they complete because you came and made it possible! Thank you so much from each and every one of us at HATTIE B. STOKES SCHOOL ,in Lebanon, Indiana. My best, Ann E. Fetters, Art Specialist
Hattie B. Stokes Elementary School
 Lebanon, Indiana 46052

April 2011

So great to hear the house is finished! I would like to say that now you can relax, but I know better. You’re going to get yourself even busier with another task. Jody V.

Hello Donkers, 
I bet you are relieved and excited that you have this gorgeous house to enjoy now! 
It is beautiful. 
I hope you are recovered from your accident. 
Rita J.

Congrats, the place looks great. Drew B.

Oh my!  Soooooooooooooooo Beautiful! Connie McC.

The house is absolutely gorgeous !!! Congratulations Wabashman and – woman ! Great big bear hug, Eva

Congratulations, Rogier and Ellen! The house looks just beautiful. I completely relate to your feelings of being done, looking back in amazement at what you accomplished. We spent about 8 or 10 years gutting and rebuilding our house and I still sit back some evenings with a drink in hand and just look around and think, “how in the heck did we ever do all of that work?” I know it’s a great life lesson to others that if you really want to do something you really can do it. Jim R.

Blessed friends, Your tenacity and faith have been a grand demonstration of being a child of God and pushing through the tough times. When obstacles occurred you both seem to buck up and dig in deeper all the while singing praises of our wonderful and grand Creator.   I wait in expenctant awe of what the next chapters will evolve into and what new adventures await the faithful. Jan Remain steadfast. It will be worth the effort

Wishing you many years of happiness in your Gorgeous house!
 You are truly amazing people. 

Ilana and George

March 2011

Judging from  the latest update, as usual, my friends provide inspiration of not letting the grass grow under their feet.  I find it awesome how the two of you are shining examples and inspiration to getting work done and not letting obstacles get in the way but work around and even through towards the goals all the while accomodating any change of plans created by weather, man and even God. Go, Go, Go! J.R.

February 2011

Dear Ellen and Rogier,

It is wonderful to see all the progress that you have done in the house. You have made a magnificent warm home to live in. Bravo to both of you.

 George and Ilana

At a small get-together for some friends, a smattering of press people with their tagalong photographers and perhaps one and a half dozen ambassadors is was suggested that Ellen Donker be nominated as the subject for a commemorative postage stamp.  That know-it-all US Secretary of State reminded the well-intentioned group that US law prohibits issuing a stamp in honor of a person until ten years dead.  Notwithstanding the humorous anecdotes that suggested that being married to Rogier would be the near-equivalent of such a condition, the alternative of a UN commemorative stamp was discussed with some earnest urgency. CR.


…And on seeing the above picture :

Ohhhhh Ellen! She is queen of decoration and building you know? Muazzezz U.

Rogier & Ellen, First, congratulations on your 40th anniversary! And yes!  All the cool things you do and your website are admired!  I was so happy to receive the update this morning !!  Ohmygosh, your handcrafts are gorgeous!  And grandchild precious !  Lately on the mind more frequently:  it’s not the dates on your headstone that matter, but what was done with the dash in between!  Thanks for sharing some of your dash with the rest of us!! Best regards,

January 2011

A Big WOW…… U all R amazing …,as is your home. Rita C.

….the entire event and process of the flood to the building of your new God-given home  has been full of stories of persistence and then more persistence all intermingled with the helping hand of many friends neighbors and whoever offered in whatever day. God is faithful and does not give up and he ask the same of us in turn. You coming close to the completion of another book? Jan R.

 and from the manufacturer of the D9 staggered Cdear shake, CertainTeed:

…It looks great, when I am down in Terra Haute I will try to stop by and see it.  Make sure the side lock tabs are engaged and that you are using the panel thermometer. We might want to do a story on you if you would be interested. Drew B.

You guys are fantastic!!!  Glad to hear that you are feeling better after the accident. My best to you. Marcy A.

September 2010

Rogier! Just a quick note from Hamilton Heights….The kilns are working great….The new one is pretty smooooooooth!   Thanks for all you did …. Jim

August 2010

Rogier’s Note: Recently Verizon sold off their not so profitable dial-up accounts to Frontier Communications. That resulted in not having E-mail service for TEN days! Talk about being disgruntled! They finally straightened things out and changed our E-mail address in the process… I was NOT amused and found myself having to send out a change-of-E-mail-address- notice. Comments followed….

…Despite the inconvenience it is worth it to keep track of you and Ellen’s adventures. Your projects are always a fun thing to monitor and I must say you both do amazing work.  You are a real inspiration. Elizabeth.B.

Life goes on! 

March 2010

Hi Rogier! You certainly are a great example for young people about work and play. Glad you are still so active and your website looks great. “Potters never die, they just kiln themselves!” Keep up the great work and I can only imagine how many people have a love of the potters wheel because of you. C.W.

January 2010

IK bekeek je hele site…  WOW  GREAT !!!!!! MOOIE bezigheden van jullie allemaal, leuk gezin !!!! Mooie sieraden !!! Ronald M.

(Which translated from the Dutch briefly means:  “I looked at your whole site… wow  Great !!! Nice family, beautiful jewelry  and wonderful constructive use of time!”)

Dear Rogier and Ellen, I want to thank you for your kind hospitality to us during our visit.  You made us feel very welcome.  The photos on your website showing your home and the process of putting it together are great, but they do not do justice to the marvelous mansion you have constructed!  It is amazing that you guys put this masterpiece together with your own hands! Ellen, I am sad that you are not actively creating jewelry at the moment, but it seems to me that the home you have built is the most magnificent achievement of your amazing and productive career!  The best part of it is that you have conceived and assembled this wonderful jewel and then get to live inside it every day!  That has to be ever so much more satisfying than creating a piece of jewelry and sending it off to someplace where you might never see it again!  I can only say that we are completely blown away by your and Rogier’s achievement and simply in awe of what you have done. John & Beth M.

August 2009

Rogier’s Note: This one came from Iraq where the Captain [ Dad ain’t proud 😉 ] is serving his third tour. No doubt he wanted to feel close to home, so he explored the web site. The following was in the website mailbox: 

name = your Son

Comment = Based on the charcoal sketch, I am glad you grew a beard because you look meaner and more intimidating than I do without one. And that is saying something!

Submit = Submit 
return link name = Back to Donker Studio

Rogier, …You beat me it was all my intention to send you a “thank you” with a “it was such a pleasure to meet you” message.   You are a very large person in many ways which makes bumping into you a grando experience.. best wishes,  joe & deb

May 2009

Rogier, You are a force of nature–as well as culture! What a pleasure it is to find you as jolly and creative as ever.  I enjoyed the inspired conversation and warm hospitality of your home in Bloomington more than once in the late 1960s. If you are ever in upstate New York, I would welcome the opportunity to play the host to you for a change. Ben

January 2009

Rogier! What a beautiful new home you’ve made out of the watery disaster of a few years ago. You and your amazing wife are an inspiration! Linda F.

Rogier, With great joy I’ve been reading your report on the progress of your Riverview house. Wowser, what a great job! And what a great result in the end. I envy you for such a cosy place. Frits O.

November 2008

Dear Rogier and Ellen,
 You may remember me – I’m Joyce at the Art Center ( the old Indianapolis Art League). Periodically I’ve read your web site updates with great interest. After 33 years I will be retiring in June as President/Executive Director – what a wonderful ride it has been – all in all meeting artists like you two remarkable people and hundreds of other creative folk. My hope is high for the coming year for a new country – yeah even a better world – regardless of the mayhem we are now seeing on TV. Surely the world will move the pendulum back to a more compassionate period. You guys are the epitome of that kind of hope. Cheers, Joyce S.

Rogier! You are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not even come close, though I did quite a lot of work in my house in CT. I’d really enjoy having been there. Some day I may just come visit. Rogier FvV (Yes, there exists another “Rogier” in the US 🙂

October 2008

I’m so glad to seen the house seems just a haven finally. You and Ellen do always great works! See? God took old house from your and Ellen’s hands but gave great lil haven to live in. By the way sorry for my English. Muazzez

Rogier! I did bring up the pictures of your house- what an undertaking! It looks great! Sorry to hear about your silicosis- looks like it does not slow you down much. Jackie F.

September 2008

Dear Rogier, I read your stories and love them. They are wonderful and full of warmth and humor and interesting bits. You should definitely have them published so others can read them as well. You know what’s so great about you, Rogier? You spread around that what is endless: Joy and Love and Caring. Marianne K.


 Thank you so much for making two trips to Manchester this year. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and the students were delighted to watch an expert throw. You definitely made an impact.

 Thanks again, 
Debra K.

June 2008

Donker! This is really a beautiful place, you should really be proud of the both of you. Good Luck with the new place and I’m a little jealous. It really is beautiful! Hedy S.

May 2008

I love your book Rogier! Excellent writer and teacher. Wrote a recommendation for others in Clayart. Thanks!!! Kim

February 2008

Rogier, I can’t thank you enough. I was getting mighty depressed with my kiln on the bleak. Thanks to you and my new toggle switch I’m back in business. What a wonderful web site you and your family have. Your all a real inspiration. Thank you, Mike from Colorado

Rogier’s Note: So I sent a kiln part to a friend, got the following response, enough to make one’s head swell 😉 :

Rogier! You are a dear, generous man, who obviously follows and lives the religious views he included! Blessings. You ARE a nice Dutchman, truly. Also very handsome it appears. Lili K.

Just wanted to say that your house looks beautiful. And I bet it seems extra special since family, friends, and you two are buidling it by hand. Hopefully this home lasts long after your children live in it and get to tell it’s history. Adam

January 2008

Mr. Donker, I feel very fortunate to have met you and I’m sure I’m a better person for it.  I enjoyed your presentation at the school  today even though I know towards the  end  it was getting tough on you. Thank You, Angel S.

July 2007

Hi Rogier, We don’t know each other but I’ve followed your trials, tribulations and triumphs on Clayart. You are just one of the role models for me in the way you live your life, take what comes and keep on keepin’ on. Thanks, Linda

….Wow, wow, wow! Hope YOU are doing well, health-wise! I found your note in my kiln! :o) I actually DID use my kiln quite a bit….it just looks so good because I know how to treat it, take care of it, and use it better because this Rogier Donker guy came to HSE and helped me out! 🙂 Carrie

Mr. Donker, Thank you for taking time to come and do a demonstration for our science camp students. Your sharing and interaction with the students helped make my lesson more meaningful. I appreciate you coming at the last minute. Thanks again, Samantha F.

May 2007

Rogier! Are we having fun yet? It is a joy to watch the progress and know that you are getting very close to having the house “done” (no one is ever done)! Don R.

Ellen & Rogier! Hearing about your progress has been grand but the seeing is even better.  The house look even bigger on the inside and of course removal of the scaffolding helps. Janice R.

Glad that you are feeling better, Rogier!  Remember during the renovations to stop, relax and enjoy the day, the air and the tranquility, once the power tools stop. C.R. (relaxes a lot)

December 2006

… That latest addition to the web site is absolutely fabulous. You and Ellen never cease to amaze me. Happy New Year… Irene M.

November 2006

Rogier! Well, your positive attitude and dependence on God are a great encouragement! You hang in there, and every time I see your name on Clayart, I will talk to God about you! [Good things, really! 😉 ] Susan P.

Rogier, I often read but seldom post on Clayart, so I have enjoyed your website and postings for some time. I am saddened to hear about your silicosis. You are an inspiation, so keep us all posted. God bless you.. Jo Ann

October 2006

Rogier’s Note: I recently gave a kiln workshop for some teachers. The following is an E-mail from one of the participants to the school administrator who set up the workshop:

Oh, Stephanie!  It was wonderful!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Mr. Donker is funny, informative, and helpful with real, classroom situations.  The way in which ceramics was instructed during my under-graduate work was entirely geared towards the ceramicist…not the educator.  Mr. Donker rectified that immediately!  I learned more from him in two hours than in two semesters of ceramics at BSU!  Even the most experienced teacher will take some helpful pointers from this expert!  Thank you for setting this up!  I was only sorry he drove a long distance for two people Linda Hill (HRE) and I.  Let’s try to get with the other “powers that be” and have this gentleman conduct an In-Service on one of our Early Release Days!  If not this year (as the schedules may be set) then next!  Many thanks again…and let me know how I can help (I will even host)! Carrie A.B. 
Art Educator

August 2006

Rogier! Congratulations on the continued progress of your home on the Wabash. Wishing you and your family, especially Elias, well. Helen from Canada

All right Donkers, Its all your fault. I was just gandering the clay blogs and I like to check out sites to see what other artist are doing to get my creative juices flowing and then I go to work. usually 15 mins. later… Well 3 hrs later and I haven’t even looked at your archives. My families gonna starve cause I’ve not played in the mud today. Well superman has just got put on the bottom of my hero list. You all are right under my saviour Jesus Christ. Your son has been added to our pray list. Please add my brother Jeff to yours. he’s in Baghdad in the civilian police program. Take care and May God Bless You and yours. sister in Christ, Sheryl

Dear RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrogier, My wife Paula and I certainly enjoyed spending this past Thursday morning with you and learning of your trials, tribulations, challenges and successes in the building of your GOD’s House. You, Sir, are a most unforgettable character, and we wish you continued success and good health. Sincerely, Charles W., Louisville, Kentucky (Born in Hickman, Kentucky on the banks of the Mississippi River.)

‘k zal ook maar eens een berichtje sturen (misschien het eerste in het Nederlands?) Jullie nieuwe huis ziet er heel mooi uit , en het is nog niet eens `af. Geweldig knap van jullie om dat zelf allemaal te kunnen bouwen …en de rest wat jullie kunnen! Hulde!! Veel liefs, Saskia.

April 2006

I love seeing your recycling of everything. You are right about the dry, brittle wood. Anyway, your home is looking beautiful. Wish everyone had your ingenuity.  You  and  Ellen are such great people. Wish more of America   was  patterned after you. Hope you both take some time off of all your work on a regular basis to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Jim.

Hi Rogier, I just visited your web site and am awed by the versatility of your and Ellen’s work, in your pottery, and in all the other things you do. Your cabinetry also looks exquisite, as does Ellen’s jewelry. What an amazing couple. Veena

March 2006

Dear Mr. Donker, I liked your website and thank you for coming to my school Friday December 3, 2005 in class 4N Farmersburg IN. and please come again Devin T.

December 2005

I have so much enjoyed the “tour” through your web site. I would hope to visit your studio someday since I am also from Indiana. Not an experienced potter…but learning. I appreciate so much your sharing of your faith and will add you to my for your son and success in your rebuilding. God Bless you. 

October 2005


Thanks for the updates & the pictures!  We’re so glad to see your home rising from the banks of the Wabash!  We wish you continued success in the rebuilding.  Isn’t it wonderful that God is more reliable than government agencies?!? 

Linda M.

March 2005


Thanks for the wonderful pottery workshops….our entire school had a great time and truly reveled in your presence! 

Craig  H.

December 2004

Great site Rogier!! You have amazing talent!! His Lordship

Rogier!……You have a very nice website, quite interesting and informative! John

Dear Rogier, Bravo! The site looks great, very interesting, lots of very good pics, and I love your philosophy about teaching. Your work is beautiful! Keep on Potting! Warm regards, Mary K.

November 2004


Welcome to the clayart list. I visited your web site! I have earrings that Ellen made for me  back in the 70’s. I also took an Amaco workshop many years ago where you were one of the teachers. I am so glad to see you are both doing well and still together after all these years.  You both are doing great work. 

Sandy M.

“……You have a wonderful website. I especially liked the close-up 
pictures of you at work. Beginners will appreciate them….” 

Eleanor K. Centerport, NY

June 2004

What a great site Rogier. I loved the classes and demonstrations you do and Ellen’s jewelry was wonderful too! I could not find the little rabbit story. Lovely site and wonderful things to see, best wishes to you and yours, smiles! Happy

February 2004

Dear Donkers: Got the “Of God, Faith and Clay” and thought it was great. Don K.

January 2004


Hi Rogier! You did a fantastic job with the kids Friday.  They always enjoy spending the day with you. Rita

Great Kiln Workshop. The kiln training was well attended and greatly appreciated by the attendees.  Twenty four elementary art teachers attended with 21 different schools represented. Six Middle School art teachers attended with 5 different schools represented. Seven High School art teachers attended with 3 different schools represented and New Beginnings. The information presented was new and informative to most of us.  Many teachers expressed gratitude for having a workshop that addresses their needs as art teachers.  Thank you both and the staff at Broad Ripple High School for helping to make this happen.  A repeat next year but with additional information on firing techniques for slabs or beads would be a good idea. Rose F.

August 2003

Dear Rogier, Thank you for such a wonderful day at your Ceramics Workshop!!!   Honestly, I learned more in the first 30 minutes of your workshop than I learned over a whole year of ceramics in college!!  I can’t wait to dig into your manual, study it, & plan what I am going to do differently in my 3-D class this fall.  I especially liked all the information you gave us on glazes & how to make your own. All the technical information on kilns made me feel more at ease about dealing with problems I may encounter in the future. All in all, your workshop was the most thorough ceramics workshop I  have ever attended!! Thank you again & I hope that I can set up a fieldtrip for my students to come to your studio to do some Raku.  I’m sure they would find it very exciting! I don’t want to forget to thank your wife, also, for the delicious lunch & her hospitality! You have a nice little paradise down by the Wabash! Sincerely, Patti M. , Art teacher

June 2003

Mr.Donker! I am sitting at my desk and have went through two Kleenex so far!   What beautiful pictures.  Just the proposal story had me in tears and then to hear that your brother brought heirlooms from Holland….it was too much. Just showing up from Holland was wonderful!   So thank you very much for my puffy eyes and red nose for the rest of the day but they are truly beautiful memories and I will wish good thoughts for a happy future for your newlyweds.  May they bless you with at least a few grandchildren to spoil!  Robin D.

April 2003

Dear Mr. Donker, I enjoyed talking with you today on the phone. My boss, had  seen your presentation on PBS broadcasting and  called his friend to let her know. Of course, she already knew about it and shared with him your whereabouts, which happen to be very close to where I live. I have only begun to explore your website and I have already found it very interesting. I hope to get directions to your studio, so I can come and meet you and your family and to see all the interesting things you have there. Sincerely, Brenda N.

March 2003

Haven’t looked at your web site since last year around Clay City Pottery Festival time. Loved the additions, especially the CROSS, which is in my home town, and the Snow Roller’s. We had so many in our alfalfa field in front of the house I thought the two boys were out horsing around late that night!! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Clay City Fest in June. Robin W.

……Your visit to our art classes yesterday is much appreciated. I know you’ll be pleased to know students thought you were “cool”. The intensity of your “teaching” kept their attention. I know I learned the most and will continue to learn as I read and reread your book. I appreciate your advise in regard to the kiln sitter and wheel. Students are anxious to try wheel throwing..we will see. Thanks again, Rita F. Cloverdale H.S…

Mr. Donker~ I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your presentation so much! Before you came, I was kind of nervous about throwing on the wheel, but now I’m more confident about it! Thank-you for helping me make the “75% Meg” vase! Hope you get to feeling better. Meg W.

Mr.Donker, Thank you very much for coming to our school. I always enjoy my time in art class when you come. Even though its my last year I hope to see you again sometime. Cindy H.

Mr. Donker,

Thank you very much for spending time each year to demonstrate the proper handling and use of clay. It has really helped me when I throw or even hand build. Thank you again for your time. I hope you feel better soon and I hope your test went well. Renata H.

Hey Mr. Donker!! Thank you again so much for coming back again to show us more to know about pottery. No matter how many times you have come, you always are able to impress me and the rest of the students on how quick and amazing you are on the wheel. It really is cool how you sit there and try to teach someone how to wedge and center for 20 minutes, then you just are able to do it in 10 seconds. I hope you are doing great, we are all thinking about you. *~* Abigail H. *~*

…… I have had the opportunity to see your demonstration each year that I have taken art, and each year I think I’ve seen something new. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with our classes. ~Neysa P

……Thank you for coming to our school, I really enjoyed your new jacket and clay performance. Lindsey B

…….I visited your web site as you encouraged me to do. It was very interesting. I am fascinated with castles. Perhaps we can talk about your memories some evening over a cup of coffee and watch the mighty Wabash. It was great to meet the two of you. Thank God you won that bout with pancreatitis and I admire your deep faith in the Lord. Shawn P.

Mr. Donker -Might I suggest that before you urge people to check your site, that you include a disclaimer: “Beware: by viewing this site you might be compelled to pack up your belongings and move to Indiana”. Your down-to-earth lifestyle as portrayed on the site is so enticing! I’m very impressed by your beautiful pieces of artwork. Pottery is something I’ve always had an interest in. I took classes in high school, and ever since then, it’s been a “one day, when I have time” type of dream. I am interested in your book.  What is the cost? Thanks, and God bless. Trish

Rogier: It was great running in to you at Clay City Today. We enjoyed our visit very much. The Raku demonstration was great and my wife enjoyed her participation greatly. Hope to visit your studio in the near future. It was shades of our earlier sessions at UHS. We have spent the evening scanning your web site, which is fantastic. We want to pass the site to our family and friends. The slides of endangered species are absolutely artistic wonders as well as biologically SUPER. Tom & Donna Risinger

“Mr. Donker, Thank you for being such a great artist and an overall neat person. Love always, Heather”

Rogier, I enjoyed the story of the Bell and the Belfry. It is wonderful to have things like this happen and allow some of the fond memories from long ago to come into one’s life. There is nothing better than to take a stroll down memory lane to revive the soul and bring a smile to the face. Darwin.

Rogier, that’s the coolest pottery I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous stuff. I am always amazed by your perfect shapes and spectacular glazes and patterns.  Your work is food for soothing the soul. George