Most of his life Rogier has danced through life listening to a different drummer. Together with his better half Ellen, relying on their Faith and operating mostly on a shoe string the Donkers appear to have a life style that a lot of people find interesting. Since his diagnosis with silicosis, Rogier’s energy level no longer allows him to travel long distances, repair or rebuild a kiln and drive a long distance home all in the same day.To solve the problem Ellen stepped up to the plate and now accompanies Rogier on kiln repair service calls. She is becoming quite knowledgeable about kilns!

Since, because of the silicosis, school demonstrations were no longer an option, Rogier turned his love for writing and photography into a possible source of income. By now every one is familiar with the teacher’s manual  he put together more than ten years ago – it is still available and indeed has proven to be a great source of information for  teachers. Added to the list of publications are a few more epistles that some might find interesting. They are listed below.

The pottery too is making a come-back and coffee mugs, ice tea glasses, bowls, planters and Disciples  are available. In the wood shop Rogier is currently working on a wooden gear clock and a very large cabinet that will serve as a home for a large lizard. Come visit the studio that is located in downtown Riverview, population 12 when we’re home, on the banks of the mighty Wabash in Northwest Sullivan County Indiana! 🙂

Printed Books for Sale

“Of Clay, Glazes and Kilns”

  • A practical guide for the classroom teacher and the aspiring potter.
  • 66 pages, 26 of which are in living color.
  • Available in Perfect Bound book form only.
  • $19.50


Written in a concise and specific manner the manual guides the reader through a multitude of possible pitfalls, trials and tribulations.

Presented in his well-known imaginative and humorous style, the manuscript is overflowing with direct, useful and to the point information about clays, glazes and kilns. With an encouraging foreword by Rita Jacks, “dynamite” art teacher at Rockville High School, Rockville Indiana, the new version has more basic information, more bits and pieces of knowledge and “tons” of useful advice.

Over sixty pages of information and crisp COLOR photo illustrations make for a very useful classroom manual the existence of which has proven to be extremely valuable to aspiring teachers and even some veteran teachers. Here at one’s fingertips is all the stuff one was not taught elsewhere! “Perfect”-bound with a color cover and over 65 color illustrations as well as a useful kiln log the manual is sure to become a staple in every art room.

Order your copy today.

“A Potter’s Tale”

  • 85 pages, of which 78 in living color.
  • Memories and anecdotes of a forty–plus year career.
  • Available in Perfect Bound book form only.
  • $19.50


Thanks to the silicosis a way to supplement our income to make up for the loss of the school demonstrations had to be “invented”. Being encouraged by all those who’ve followed our “sordid” life saga, being forever the optimist and forever looking on the bright side of things and given that I like to write and tell stories, the thought occurred to me to just up and write “A Potter’s Tale.”…. I had  started the project BEFORE the flood, but had to shelf it because of the house building adventure.

Now that my “cozy little loft” is a reality I picked up where I  left off…. So here’s the finished product: an anecdotal and pictorial chronicle of my potter’s and demonstrator’s career. Unlike the 1995 autobiography, this epistle has over a hundred color photographs and recounts a multitude of anecdotes all of which have combined to make our life one that people seem to be drawn to.  In living color, sixty some pages, printed on glossy paper and “Perfect-Bound”, a few people out there in cyberspace  just  might enjoy it!  🙂 Support the artist in your life and order your copy today! See detailed ordering information below!

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Books & Stories Available on CD

“Of Faith, Miracles, Memories and Reflections”

  • The 1995 auto-biography,
  • 99 pages, color and B&W illustrations
  • Available on disc only
  • $10.00

“Of God, Faith, and the Flood.”

  • The sordid (and triumphant!) tale of the loss of our home and the subsequent building of our new dwelling.
  • 169 pages, all in living color.
  • Quite a chronicle…
  • Available on disc only
  • $10.00

 Assorted short stories

  • Includes “The Bell and the Belfry”, “The 1860 Cider Press”,  “The Road trip East”, The Elliana and Heritage Railroad.”, and more…
  • color illustrations
  • Available on disc only
  • $10.00

Indiana residents please add 7% sales tax. For each disc add $ 1.50 for postage, each book please add $ 2.45 for postage

Make checks payable to Donker Studio and send check and order to :

Donker Studio
7757 North Riverview Wabash,
Fairbanks, IN 47849

Thank you for your support!