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Since his college days Rogier has been working with wood. What started out as a hobby became part of his adult profession and today Rogier spends his time equally between kiln repair, pottery and cabinet making.  From a simple set of custom kitchen cabinets to a home office, a fine piece of furniture or a set of custom carved storm doors, Rogier can design build and install it all. Should you have any needs in the woodworking department, please don’t hesitate to contact Rogier!

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So the lady of the house needed a nice storage cabinet to compliment the rest of the solid walnut bedroom furniture. Pictured above is a walnut cabinet with shelves and drawers, featuring arched doors. Below a home office in the making; oak plywood was used in most of the construction while the frames and custom raised panel / glass doors are solid red oak. This particular office set occupied three walls of a twelve by sixteen room.

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If the need arose most people would probably purchase aluminum storm doors as they are easy to get and easy to install. Then there are those people who have both the talent and the time to make their own storm doors that actually MATCH the entry doors they are to protect. Poplar wood was chosen to make the doors, it does not readily rot when painted and the wood makes carving relatively easy. The doors will be protected from the weather, as they will be installed underneath a veranda roof.

Laying out the parts is a chore in itself, making the raised panels out of inch and a quarter thick material becomes a JOB! The rewards though are worth it!


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